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Day into night at home / 05

A dose of celebration for cooking at home! 


This week’s menu includes one of my all time favourite chicken recipes. Brined and roasted chicken breasts cooked on a bed of onions. The beauty of this dish is in its simplicity. The juice and the schmaltz from the chicken infuse the onions making them irresistible.


Sometimes everyone is hungry, we are short on time, and we need something quick. Together these recipes aren't that quick fix, but they will over time make you a faster, better, happier cook. Cooking is a language. The more you learn it the more effortless it becomes. 


With each menu I look to combine slightly more challenging recipes with simpler ones so that you have a stellar meal that feels extra special and leaves you feeling accomplished. You can also make the recipes separately throughout the week. They hopefully contain elements that sound exciting and tasty to you.


As far as cooking the entire menu goes, I like to make the brine in the morning of the day I will need it. It takes about 5 minutes to make, and one does not need to be too caffeinated to make it. While you are at it, soak the cashews that will be part of your salad dressing. You can also make the brown butter and crisp topping ahead of time if you want.


Browning butter may seem a little daunting at first. You need to pay attention and watch over it as you make it, but once you've made it once or twice you will have completely mastered it and will never have to read a recipe to know how to make it ever again. You will own the skill. It will become part of your repertoire, a card in your pocket, a secret ingredient that will make you a better cook. If one day you find yourself with "nothing to eat" you will know exactly what to do with the butter in your refrigerator and the lonely carrots in your veggie drawer, or you will make yourself a fantastic pasta from that forgotten box of spaghetti shoved to the back of the pantry, half a lemon, and a handful of pistachios; all because you know how to brown butter.


Here is a break down of the steps to make the menu:


- Place the chicken in the brine about 1 hour before you plan to start cooking. Turn your oven to 400°.

- Hit play on the playlist.

- Scrub your beets and potatoes.

- Roast your beets. It’s okay if the oven is still climbing in temperature. Cook your potatoes.

- Slice your onions. Place them single layered on a roasting dish.

- Pull the chicken out of the brine, pat it dry, place it on top of the onions and leave it out. Don't worry, it's okay to leave it out. It needs to lose its chill before roasting. 


Clean up a bit.


- Make your brown butter / prepare the apples + crisp topping. 

- Make your salad dressing.


Clean up a bit.


- Put your chicken and onions in the oven. Check on your potatoes. If they are tender when pierced with a fork drain them.

- Warm your milk and butter for the mash.

- Peel and rice your potatoes. Finish the mashed potatoes.

- Start baking your crisps.


Clean up a bit.


- Check on your chicken.

- Assemble your salad

It will take you about two hours to cook all three courses. Remember it is all about finding your rhythm. With this menu you are just swinging back and forth between the counter and the oven. xx Ana 




Let music create atmosphere.

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