Roasted Chicken, Schmaltzy Onions & Mashed Potatoes

This recipe makes enough brine for 4 chicken breasts. Double the amount if you are making more.

The mashed potatoes serve four but can easily be doubled up or halved.

I like to buy my chicken directly from the butcher. There are many reasons to buy your meat directly from a butcher or at the farmer's market, one of them being unbeatable freshness. For this dish I usually get boneless breasts that still have their skin and the wing tip. I make this dish with chicken breasts because I like the onions better this way. They still glisten in schmaltz but come out less greasy than with dark meat. You can use any part of the chicken you prefer, but stick with either all breasts, thighs or legs so your roasting time is even. Regardless of what you choose they need their skin still on.

You'll need 1-2 pieces of chicken per person. I like to roast extra. You may also want to. Left over onions and chicken are particularly good as an open-faced sandwich on crusty bread.


1-2 pieces of chicken with their skin still on, per person

2-3 large onions

For the brine:

1/2 cup Kosher salt

1/4 cup brown sugar

2 cups water

2 cups of ice

4 cups of water

For the mashed potatoes: