Wine Braised Beef Cheeks

If you can’t find beef cheeks, short ribs will work just as well, but ask your butcher first if they have them for they are meatier, richer, and more tender than any other braising meat.


2 lb beef cheeks or boneless short ribs*

1 yellow onion, medium

1 celery stalk 1 carrot

4 stems thyme

2 bay leaves

2 cup water

3 cups red wine

olive oil


*ask your butcher to trim your beef cheeks of any excess sinew and if using short ribs to trim the thicker excess fat on the outside.

To make the braise:

About 40 minutes before you start to cook your meat pull it out of the refrigerator and salt it generously. Let it rest outside the refrigerator, to take the chill off before cooking it.

Chop your vegetables, a rough chop is fine, and set aside.