Calas & Coffee Pot de creme

Serves 2-3

Calas are rice fritters that come from Ghana and are eaten in Louisiana. This non-traditional calas recipe is inspired by the little information I could find at the time I developed it, and a comment my mom made in passing about eating rice donuts as a child.

You start by making a thick and intensely spiced rice pudding that then gets puréed and mixed into a dough. I don't know why I originally decided to purée the rice but in the end it made for a light-as-air donut. You can make the rice pudding ahead of time, but the dough has to be made the day you're going to use it. You will need about 3 cups of a high smoke-point oil, like canola or grapeseed, to fry them.

For the Pot de Creme you need instant espresso powder. The best brand to use for any dessert that calls for it is Medaglia d'Oro. Try to find it, it works better than any other espresso powder out there.

For a gluten-free version you can sub all-purpose flour with your favorite cup-for-cup type flour mix. The donuts will be crispier on the outside and slightly more cakey on the inside, but just as delicious.


Coffee Pot de Creme

1 Tablespoons instant espresso

3/4 cup heavy cream