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A dose of celebration
for cooking at home!

Hi! I’m so happy you found your way here.

This is Day Into Night at home. Below is a menu for you to enjoy, and a peek into what an at home membership is like. 


The salad in this week’s menu is a favourite for this time of year. It has pomegranate seeds, which always feel like a party to me. The dressing is made with hazelnut oil, which is grounding because of it’s sweet, earthy, nutty flavour and elevating because it makes any dish just that much better. You could make the dressing with olive oil, but you would be missing out. Not only on making this salad the yummiest it could be, but on having a bottle to use during these chillier days. Hazelnut oil is not only incredible in salad dressings but so good drizzled on pumpkin, in pasta, and over chocolate ice cream with a little Maldon salt.   

A kale galette is the main course. The crust is made from buckwheat, so it’s gluten free. I had never eaten a lot of buckwheat until I lived in France where my life suddenly filled up with buckwheat pancakes topped with roasted pears, and savory buckwheat crepes filled with ham, eggs, and cheese. I find that buckwheat feels very nourishing to eat, and right now it feels important to lean a little more into the nourishment, comfort and shimmer. 


Lastly, for dessert a sweet potato cazuela. In Spanish, cazuela usually refers to an earthen dish, but in Puerto Rico, where I’m from, cazuela is a sort of crustless sweet potato pie. It’s homey and super soothing. Over the years I’ve tinkered with the recipe a bit. I like to serve slices of the cazuela in a shallow pool of coconut milk creme anglaise. This type of custardy sauce is essentially ice cream that has not been spun with cold air and turned into a confection. It makes the dessert extra yummy, but it’s still really good without it. The most important thing you need to know about this menu is that the cazuela is delicious the next day for breakfast.

Buen provecho,

xx Ana



Most of the images I am currently using for the mood boards come from a large collection I have kept for years. Most of them have no credit attached. If you recognise an image and know who I can credit please let me know, as I would very much like to. 


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