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What is Day Into Night at home?

Day Into Night at home is a monthly dinner party membership series created by me for you to cook at home, whether you are a party of one, two or more.


Why should I join Day Into Night at home?

Expand your kitchen knowledge 

Everything I dream up for you is meant to inspire, develop, and deepen your skills and style. I share all of my kitchen experience through menus and recipes that are intentionally curated to jazz up the humdrums of everyday cooking and create an inspiring atmosphere, helping you become a better cook and baker.

Break the monotony of everyday cooking

Curated dinners create a celebratory mood and take the planning off your plate. Each dinner comes with a playlist to get you into the groove and create an atmosphere of fun and relaxation in your kitchen. The music is picked to match the mood of the food and the season.

What do I actually get with my membership?

Every two weeks Day Into Night at home members receive a seasonal curated dinner via email.


Each of these offerings includes:

1. A three-course menu with recipes
2. A link to a curated playlist on Spotify
3. A moodboard to strike the perfect tone for your at-home experience

As a member, recipes and playlists, past and present, are available to you in easy-to-find categories.

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What people are saying:

"Ana’s curated dinner party was perfect for me. The recipes and her instructions gave me the confidence I needed in the kitchen. I made probably the most delicious meal of my life with her guidance. I have since used her recipes to recreate the meal again, and will probably use over and over again. The mood board and playlist added a visual and sonic aspect to the process, truly like being on the best date with myself."

Amity Spiegel

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