Pink Peppercorn Pineapple Upside-down Cake

One fun thing about this cake is that you can create different patterns with the pineapple.

I go back and forth between making it look like an updated version of the traditional one and making a mosaic with the fruit.

If you want a traditional looking cake, once your have trimmed the pineapple (see below) slice even 1/4“ slices across the body off the fruit. Then using 2 cookie cutters make rings. You will need a 3” one to trim the outside and a 1” one to cut out the core. If you want to add cherries, omit the pink pepper, and consider going all out and buying Griottines, which are Morello cherries that have been soaked in Brandy.

If you want to experiment with different patterns trim the pineapple into four long slabs around the core. Then cut the slabs into slices and shapes.

Either design keep these 3 tips in mind for success:

-The pineapple needs to be even so the cake bakes evenly.

-They can't be thinner than 1/4” or they will dissolve and disappear.

-They can't be too thick or they will release too much moisture and ruin your cake.

-1/4"-1/3" is perfect.